Hello.  I'm Rosemarie, and welcome to my Knickers Website.
All my life I have been involved with knickers in one way or another, and this Website has been created to complement my old-established Corsetry and Underwear Business.
Its other purpose is to openly present knickers as a continuing source of fun, pleasure, and satisfaction for you all.
So why not come in and take a look around because I feel sure that all you lovers of women's knickers will be delighted with what you will find.
Some of you may be particularly shy about revealing your love of women's knickers to anyone at all, but you can rest assured that you and your secret passion will receive a very warm and understanding welcome from me. 
I do hope that you will have a great time visiting the picture and art galleries, studying my underwear articles, reading the various stories involving knickers, and enjoying the humour in the Jokes section.
Apart from those pictures in the knickers lovers gallery, most of the underwear pictures were taken by me during my many years as a corsetiere and underwear consultant.  They are of everyday domestic and business scenes, and were usually taken, un-posed, on the spur of the moment.  I had no idea at that time that these photographs would be enjoyed by anyone other than close friends.

My knickers-loving Webmaster is a gem. He contributes an enormous amount of time and energy to the Site, and each time you visit you are likely to see a change or two, sometimes large, and sometimes small.
We intend that the site will be interesting and dynamic, and hence we do not envisage a time when there will be no further additions and improvements.

Because a picture on a web page should be small enough to be seen without any scrolling and should be of a size that loads quickly for our visitors, some of whom use a dial-up modem, then the original quality and detail of the original photographs may not always have appeared quite as well as we would have wished.
However, if you would like a copy of any of the original pictures, then please use one of the 'Contact Rosemarie' Links which are to be found at the bottom of the Main Menu and in the Knickers List and on the Top Index.
We shall be pleased to hear from any of you who may have jokes, pictures, stories, or articles, and positive suggestions that can add interest to the site.

Most of you will be familiar with the Internet, and you may have seen certain design features that you may think could enhance the pleasure of our visitors, or perhaps there is a particular subject or theme that you think will fit well on our site.  If so, please let us know.  It's your site as well as ours.
We have made a start - you can help to make it a success.
There is no charge for visiting this site as we want you to have as much fun and enjoyment in visiting our site as we have had in creating it, but in order to help us to continue to enhance the site it would be wonderful if any of you are able to contribute towards its development costs.






 You may visit my knickers site without charge as often as you wish, but please remember
that my knickers pictures are my copyright.
They are not public domain.
You may download them only for your personal use.

Any use of my images on any other web site,

or for commercial gain without my permission,

is a breach of copyright.

I will take legal action to protect this copyright .


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